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Paid for by the individual members of the Native American Caucus of the California Democratic Party


The California Democratic Party's Native American Caucus was formed to reach out and bring into the Democratic Party interested registered Democrats who support the goals and objectives of inclusion, political education, voter training, outreach, legislative tracking, research, and participation in the official Democratic Party for all people. The Caucus was formed with particular focus on including the Native American communities of California in the furtherance of Democratic ideals, issues, and political participation.

Further, the Native American Caucus will work to increase educational, economic, and social opportunities while preserving cultural heritage of the state's minority populations.

To realize these goals, Caucus members will provide assistance in introducing and joining together members of local Democratic Clubs, Assembly Districts, and County Committees with interested individuals and groups from the California Indian Nations and coordinate with the local Native American communities both on and off reservations for the purpose of active participation, without discrimination, within the California Democratic Party and in accordance with the rules of the State party.

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